Areas of Learning

There are different areas of learning depending upon the interest and requirements. some of them are given below

Engineering is helping us everywhere. It shapes our world by providing solutions to our multi-faceted problems.

There are different branches of engineering for example, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Automobile, Computer, aeronautical, Agricultural etc.

Medical science is a broad area concerned with the art and science of maintaining and restoring health by prevention and treatment of diseases. Major areas of study for medical science are Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine, Surgery, Histology, Pathology, radiology etc.

Science increases our power of understanding by providing information on how the things around us work or how different phenomena happen. Research and experimentation are important tools for scientist by which they develop hypothesis about phenomena which leads them to discoveries and inventions.

Science can be broadly divided into two categories; Natural Sciences and Social sciences.

Natural science can be further sub-divided into physical, biological or chemical sciences.

Social sciences or Social studies or  consists of all those subjects which deal with past and present human behaviour and interactions in the society.



Commerce and Finance

Literature and Languages

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